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Case study

From Uncontrollable Flow of Data to Seamless Data Management

Industry: Industrial Sector Region: Canada Technology: Java, Eclipse RCP Volume: 2 man years
The Challenge
LIDAR is the sensor system that scans the surface of the earth and collects data. Once collected, the data processing starts, involving hundreds of applications, often disconnected from each other and experiencing frequent failures.
Our Mission
We were asked to simplify data processing, reduce the time needed, and untangle the complicated net of data flows between all the applications.
The Solution
We developed a smart technology solution to automatically manage all the applications involved in data processing, bringing order and speed to an otherwise slow and flawed system.
Complex Data Processing Made Simple
Created a software product to manage all the internal LIDAR processes and core technology.
Enabled users to configure data flows.
Defined the logic in the event of downtime and software failures.
Ensured the application operates in a self-managed mode, automatically restarting failed applications and keeping log records.
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