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Deep Learning Development

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Text Processing

While in the past AI tools were only available to large corporations, today every business can leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to provide small and medium businesses with an opportunity to integrate AI into their processes. Our team comes with plenty of experience in business application development and data science. Adding to this experience is Insta Sentiments - a recent project involving complex Artificial Neural Networks.

This interdisciplinary expertise lends itself to a prompt identification of original solutions to intricate business challenges. With technologies like Tensorflow, Opencv, Keras, Spacy, and NLTK, we can implement neural networks into any system and train them to meet small and medium business needs.

AI Techniques

We offer systems based on the following AI methods

Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks
One of the first solutions we created - Insta Sentiments - was based on a complex artificial network. We can implement ANN into various types of software applications. Our capabilities in Deep Learning can be applied to speech and image recognition, natural language processing, personal recommendation mechanisms, social media filtering and others.
Natural Language Processing
Our NLP services are intended for organizations looking to gain additional insights from large amounts of text-based data. With the help of Deep Learning techniques and some fundamentals of linguistics, we develop applications that understand entered text and are able to extract valuable data such as sentiment (emotion), data categories, relationships between data, and search intent.

What we do

The number of scenarios where Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing can be utilised with impressive efficiency is vast. These are some areas our team particularly excels in:

Tonality analysis of text
We offer a range of text analytics services. Our solutions help collect insights and understand the emotions and intent behind customer data.
Multiple languages
Your AI-based application will be able to process multiple languages. We can add most commonly used European languages to any text processing algorithm, with English being the standard language.
Information extraction
We can help identify and pull information from unstructured text-based sources, including the type of information and roles to reduce the number of data sources.
Insta Sentiments
Insta Sentiments was the first project we created using Artificial Neural Networks. It’s a social media comments evaluation engine that analyzes and recognizes emotions behind individual Instagram comments. The results of analysis are presented in a consolidated form showing the number and percentage of positive and negative comments.
Understanding how users perceive Instagram posts through sentiment analysis brings additional insights for account owners, enabling them to improve the effects of their content creation and marketing efforts.

AI and Deep Learning Services

Our team is characterized by substantial business expertise and a growing interest in emerging technologies. This makes us a perfect collaborative AI technology partner for small and medium businesses. To share your project, fill out the contact form or click the button below.

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