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Math eLearning Solutions

Translating math into online learning experiences

Math eLearning Software Development and Customization

Our area of specialization is software development for math representation and processing. Our solutions aid the process of math teaching and learning at education institutions and present opportunities to innovate in business and scientific communities.

The products we develop present the next technological step in the field of online math recognition. We offer math eLearning development services including gaining insights and semantics from entered data. Our software solutions are able to understand the meaning of mathematical notations. They also provide sensible output in the form of tips from a contextually intelligent assistant. These abilities can be successfully employed in math, physics, economics, and chemistry.


These are some of the advanced features that can be included in your math eLearning solution:

Math recognizer
A functionality that combines interactive recognition for entering formulas with intelligent math understanding for extracting the meaning of a formula.
Real-time browser input
Mathematical symbols can be entered, corrected, and rearranged in real time in a browser.
Advanced accessibility
We take accessibility seriously, providing a wide range of possible interactions with mathematical constructions online for people with disabilities. Our solutions communicate in a human-like manner delivering the ultimate interpretation of formula instead of the meaning of its separate symbols and parts.
Personalized instruction
Enable tutors to create multiple math tests and quizzes tailored to each individual student’s needs. Provided a template is available, our tools can automatically generate hundreds of fresh and unique student assessment materials so no two tests are alike.

Various implementation options are available from mathematical quizzes to math problem solvers and further to full-scale mobile applications and university LMS.

Our capabilities in math eLearning can be useful for

K-12 and Higher Education Institution
For education institutions with an established LMS we can integrate advanced mathematical functions into the system, reinventing the way students perceive and learn math.
Private Tutoring Centers
We can cooperate with private tutors and generate original and unique quizzes and exams based on existing templates. With the capabilities we offer, each test or quiz can be personalized for individual student needs in no time.
Corporate Organizations
We can help businesses and startups create new products or improve existing systems that leverage math understanding and recognition. We possess great resources for creating truly innovative knowledge-based math applications.

Our products

Explore some of our eLearning solutions developed over almost 16 years in the industry:

All Capabilities

We can develop stand-alone math products as well as implement mathematical functions into existing systems:

Learning Management System
Mathematical services can be integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS) through a standard LTI protocol
We can help include interactive math elements such as quizzes and math entry fields into courses developed specifically for MOOC (Massively Open Online Courses) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
eLearning Portals
Various sharing and real-time editing options can be developed to help learners solve math problems collaboratively in eLearning Portals
Mobile Learning Apps
Advanced math functions can be implemented into Mobile Learning Apps, making it possible for students to work on math assignments on-the-go
Workplace eLearning Tools
For Knowledge Management and Workplace eLearning Tools, we offer integration with our mathematical solutions to facilitate personnel assessment and knowledge sharing

Math eLearning Application Development

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