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Insights on technology, business digitization, and software projects

The State of Math eLearning and Semantic Math Technologies in 2019

The developments in math eLearning have made it possible for math learners and practitioners to use technology for different kinds of tasks from learning math concepts to collaboration on new ideas and sharing already established knowledge on the web. But there is still a lot of room for growth. The ability of technology to replicate math interactions between humans is in a rudimentary state...

TAGS: Math eLearningSemantic Technologies

Knowledge Graph - Technology and Its Applications in Business and Beyond

Despite the proliferation of Knowledge Graphs, there is not one commonly accepted definition of the technology. One of the definitions found on the web describes Knowledge Graphs as a specialization of semantic networks where meaning is expressed as structure, statements are unambiguous, and a limited set of relation types are used...

TAGS: KMSKnowledge graphKnowledge based applicationsKnowledge management system

How to Find a Reliable Software Development Company

Finding the right software development partner is often a challenge in the sea of local and offshore contractors. The sheer number of vendors often turns a seemingly simple task into a long and arduous process. Before you start What most consultants agree on is that the basic requirements for the project should be outlined before...

TAGS: IT Solutions providersBusiness processes

How to Evaluate Software Vendors Based on Project Management Abilities

Project management plan often serves as an indication of a project’s success. Logically, if everything is well organized then it’s highly likely that the final product will meet expectations. In the software development, a project management plan is particularly important. When there are many decision-makers involved and requirements change frequently, it’s imperative to establish ways…

TAGS: Project management

Building a Learning Management System - Features and Components

LMS (Learning Management System) is a platform that helps you optimize the learning process. Optimization can be done within the realms of an organization, school or university. LMS can also become a product or service offered by the business to the market. In each case, the development of a successful LMS implies congruence of...

TAGS: e-learningLMSLearning Management System
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