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Case study

A Custom Cloud-Based Solution for Load Testing

Industry: Information technologies Region: USA Technology: C#, Java, MS Azure, .Net Volume: 0.1 man years
The Challenge
Testing an app’s behavior under different conditions is a prerequisite for a great user experience, yet load testing requires months of preparation. To ease the burden for enterprises and large-scale projects, the LoadStorm team took on a mission to make load testing fast and easy.
Our Mission
As part of an app building process, we were involved in the development of a solution that would allow a transparent start of the application on Java in MS Azure.
The Solution
We joined the development team to make a long and tedious load-testing process as effortless and easy as 123, creating a program that allows Java applications to run in the cloud.
Enabling Java Application Operation Inside Azure
Developed two technology solutions – the first runs in the cloud and launches Java applications in the cloud; the second runs on the client’s machine, uploads a Java application to the cloud and connects to the first app to launch the Java application.
Built functionality to force the applications inside Azure to stop and be updated.
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