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Case study

A Feedback Processor for Your Instagram Accounts

Industry: Social networks Region: Russia Technology: Python, Spacy, Keras, TensorFlow Volume: 0.25 man years
The Challenge
Success in social media often means understanding and implementing the audience’s feedback. And some types of feedback are easier to measure than others. For Instagram accounts with a large number of comments it takes time and effort to sort through and make sense of them all. For accounts with millions of followers, the task is almost insurmountable.
Our Mission
Understanding the limitations of the Instagram analytics, the Softaria team set about creating a solution which would enable users to analyze comments and determine the overall emotional attitude of the audience toward Instagram posts.
The Solution
Insta Sentiment is a LSTM neural networks-based analytics solution. It reveals the emotional tone behind each individual comment and provides a consolidated analysis of the number of positive and negative comments. The tool utilizes innovative technology and continues the trail of applications developed by Softaria involving in-depth text and symbols analytics.
User-friendly Online Sentiment Analysis Service for Instagram
What we did:
Developed an advanced sentiment analysis technology. To analyze the sentiment behind short and long comments, two different models were prepared.
Created a convenient UI - simple, logically connected interfaces ensure anyone can easily understand the service right from the start.
Ensured the quality of results - several heuristics were utilized to produce optimal results in line with the project goals.
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