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Career FAQ

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What distinguishes Softaria from other similar firms?

We have always been a team that focuses on the advancement of technology. Additionally, over the years of operation, we’ve become adept at the application of scientific findings in the process of development. These findings are derived from the fields of neural networks, optimization algorithms, forecasting systems and many more. We have a penchant for challenging projects with some degree of uncertainty, requiring exploratory work and experimentation, and providing an opportunity for us to learn new skills, grow, and enhance our experience. To support scientifically challenging projects we sometimes engage researchers and data scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

What’s it like to work at Softaria?

At Softaria we strive to support our team members in their technical aspirations and career goals by seeking projects that provide plenty of room for personal and professional development. We have created a highly flexible and open work environment where initiative is encouraged, personal boundaries are respected, and the capabilities and inclinations of each person are valued and regarded as key factors in setting, measuring, and reaching our business goals.

What will my work schedule look like? What software do you use to keep track of work hours?

Typically, we work five 8-hour days with 2 standard days off (Saturday and Sunday). The time you spend on tasks is registered in the tracking software. You choose when you want to start and end your day. Team communication hour windows when we expect your availability online are set at the start of each project. Some of our members enjoy flexible work arrangements, where they decide how to distribute 40 standard work hours across the week according to project needs and their own work-life priorities

What if I want to work remotely?

Most of Softaria’s talent works in the office. We’re able to arrange remote engagement if it brings productivity gains and goes along with project goals.

What’s the average age of people you hire?

We provide equal opportunities without regard to age or gender. The ages of people on our team currently range from 20 to 45 years old.

What are salary prospects for developers?

A starting salary varies depending on experience, skills, job title, and hours. A salary increase is provided following performance assessment or progression in the level of responsibility. Junior Developers can expect a salary increase every 6 months.

What do you do in terms of the employee benefits package to help me ensure work-life balance?

We offer a standard employee benefits package, including 15 working days’ holiday per year and sickness cover. Additionally, every team member can choose to attend English language classes. Various engagement options, including client-freelancer cooperation through a legal entity, can be discussed.

How many people are on the team?

We’re a team of 20+ members.

Where are you located? What’s your office like?

Our offices are located in the business center “Petersburg”, in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. This is a frequently chosen location for IT firms. It’s also a mixed residential and business area with plenty of food choices nearby and is well connected to public transportation.

What’s your dress code?

Wear what you like. We try to stay sensitive to the context and our coworkers’ boundaries.

What social activities do you do to help me connect with team members?

Our coworkers enjoy a range of social activities in and outside the office: English group classes, board games, celebrations of the project team achievements, sponsored trips and outdoor events.

What kind of training can I expect?

Junior Developers usually join a small project and operate under a mentor’s supervision. Your levels of responsibility and task complexity rise as you gain experience and develop necessary skills. More senior team members typically seek additional training opportunities that match their own specific requirements. We provide funding based on the cost-outcome analysis.

What are your English level requirements?

All our team members can write and read in English at the pre-intermediate level at a minimum.


What computer equipment will I be working on?

Nothing unusual; a modern computer with one or two screens, wired internet or wifi and a quiet workspace.

What’s the development process like at Softaria?

We follow agile practices, tailored to the specific needs of a project and team. On most projects, our teams work in short sprints. Periodically, sprints are followed up with a review to validate, refine, or revise the chosen process. The team works closely together and is given a high level of autonomy to make decisions and take responsibility for the results. A project owner makes the information available to the team and, along with the team, validates whether the process adheres to business goals throughout the lifecycle of a project.

What can I expect in terms of support vs new product development assignments?

10% vs 90%. Once the support for legacy code starts taking considerable time, we choose to refactor the code and/or port it to new technologies.

What’s your technology stack?

The technology stack is chosen based on project goals and needs. Read more about our typical technology stack .

How does Softaria support development practices?

Development practices are supported based on the “best fit for the project and the team” principle. We try out modern agile practices for their subsequent improvement or direct implementation. At a minimum, such practices include sprint planning, version and branch management, code review, unit testing, continuous integration, manual integration testing. Code quality is paramount as we strive to minimize technical debt and make optimal technology choices. As a rule of thumb, in everything we do the quality of a result is regarded as the highest priority.

What kind of projects will I be handling at Softaria?

Our main business niches are business application development, eLearning solutions development, and scientific data engineering services. Most of the projects we work on fall into these three categories. You can see the completed projects and learn the details in .

How are the projects assigned and the choice of technology made?

The projects are assigned based on the team members’ existing competencies, their projected ability to obtain new skills, and expressed interest to join the project. Unavoidable routine work is balanced out by challenging, non-trivial tasks that we try to seek in every project.

Technology is chosen depending on project needs, team capabilities, and legal requirements. Equally important is the potential of a promising technology to bring a competitive advantage to the company and equip the team with new skills.

What’s the management background and do they have technical experience?

Softaria managers are former software engineers and project managers holding engineering and technology university degrees. With 15+ years of experience in the software development field, they now act as coordinators and architects on key projects and projects of increased complexity and size.

Students and Graduates

How do I combine work and study while working at Softaria?

At Softaria, students and graduates have all the freedom they need to pursue their educational goals - whether this means taking the time off for the period of exams, working remotely or creating their own work schedule.

What is the career development like for Juniors at Softaria?

A typical career timeline for a Junior Developer usually involves progressing to a Middle Developer level in around 2 years’ time. However, this timeline can vary depending on your personal goals and the ability to take on new levels of responsibility.

How does mentorship work?

Mentors supervise your work and can help find solutions to challenging problems. They can also assist in developing your personal career development plan, give advice on the best way to deepen or broaden your skills, and point you towards the right training resources.

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